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Create and Display a Photo Gallery

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  1. Select Photo Gallery from the File Manager dropdown list
  2. Click the New Gallery button under the Gallery Manager heading in the right column
  3. Enter Name, Description, and Sort Order values

    • Name is a short title that will identify this gallery in the CMS and display as the gallery name in both the gallery listing page (if your website uses one) and on the gallery slideshow page
    • Description is a longer (than the Name) title that typically appears only in the CMS for reference
    • (Optional) Sort Order designates the position of this gallery in the gallery listing page (if your site is equiped).  If this field is left blank for all galleries, they will be displayed with the most recent first.
      • Higher numbers appear first
  4. Click the Create Gallery button
    • An empty Gallery Image Manager box will appear on the screen
  5. Click the Browse button under the Gallery Image Uploader heading in the right column
  6. Select an image(s) to upload and click the Open button
    • You can upload multiple files at a time by using the shift-click or ctrl-click methods.
    • Images cannot be greater than 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. Images that do not meet this requirement will automatically be resized to meet this requirement.
  7. A progress bar will appear for each uploading image within the Gallery Image Uploader box
  8. Click the Refresh this page after all uploads are completed link after all images have completed uploading
  9. Within the Gallery Image Manager box, enter Description and Order information as appropriate

    • (Optional) Description text will appear over the lower portion of the photo when displayed in the slideshow (on the live website)
    • (Optional) Order fields can be completed with a unique numeric value that controls the position of the image in the slideshow
      • Lower numbers appear first
  10. Click the Save & Publish button
    • The new gallery will appear on your gallery listing page (if your website uses this format)
    • The new gallery will appear as a slideshow upon clicking the View button